What do I need to get started?
If you have already a clear idea of what you want to have and the goal of your site (e.g. “To sell products“, or “To enhance credibility”) just send an email to us. If you are not yet sure, request our free “Website Planner for Clients“ and go from there.
How will I manage and update the content on my site?
When you order a "dynamic" website we create an administration interface where you easily can update your text and images.

How does payment work?
We generally take a deposit when work begins on your website. Depending on the project size, there are different payment models in place.
How much does a website cost?
Every site is different and pricing depends completely on the features, complexity and number of design iterations needed. Having said that, most of the sites we create are in the $5k to $25K range.

How long does this process take?
We create a simple placeholder site in a week, a complete site generally takes about four weeks. A complex e-commerce solution up to 10 weeks.
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