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some people THINK everything Internet goes by itself.

The price for a website is based on the labor it takes to complete the site. Every site is different and pricing depends completely on the features, complexity and number of design iterations needed. Having said that, most of the sites we create are in the $5k to $25K range.

Ardis charges on a hourly basis. To keep your costs down and to reach your budget goals we use all tools available in our reach. We even separate high end design and programming and outsource the bulk labor. Using project management software we are tracking time precisely and keep hours low.
At the end it counts more what we get done in the proposed time. You are better off if we finish a task on a high quality level within 2 hours then get the same workload done in 5 hours with a sloppy result.
You can download our price list here.


Prices for Web Design

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