Stack the hay neatly
These days, no one has time to search through a haystack to find a needle, and when it comes to websites, no one wants to search through unorganized information to find the sliver they need, especially if there's no prize at the end. At least in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” if you found the Golden Ticket, you got to eat all the candy you could stomach, but with your businesses website, the only person that ultimately succeeds is you. Stack the hay neatly and lead users right to the needle. Ardis-creative will bring the pitchfork!

Don’t look somewhere else!
From the homepage, a user should have to click no more than four times to find what they’re seeking. If your homepage is cluttered with unnecessary information, the user can't identify where he or she should go next. You want your website to fulfill your customer's needs right away. Don't give them an opportunity to look somewhere else. Once your site becomes a valuable resource, they will be more likely to come back for more, or recommend the site to others.

Keep it flat
It all starts with a good architecture. Good architecture organizes the information like a funnel. Before you begin, start by identifying places where your information might be redundant. Sometimes a product belongs to more than one category. If that’s the case, than show it twice. Keep the hierarchy as flat as possible. Search engines will like it and your website visitors will, too. Always show "bread crumbs" like "home>>services>>print>>flyers" to let your visitors know where they are.

Love color and symbols
Use the tools of communication design to build clear navigation. A consistent color and icon system assures your visitors will be able to push all the hay aside and zero in on the needle they’re looking for. Changing the background color on a page, for example (or using a color bar or symbol) for product categories works as well as specific symbols that identify categories on the page.

Accentuating your brand
Partnering with a professional web design company to help design your website will add years to your life. They are educated and experienced in understanding the needs of your customers and will create a path that not only accentuates your brand and image, but will help drive traffic and ultimately bring you the attention your business deserves.