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Today's customers visit your website before they contact you. Is your website prepared?

Better your website is in good shape!

Your website is much more than just a business card or an online sign board.

Your website is the lobby of your business, your front desk, your customer service, your show room, your sales office and your marketing center. It represents you all the time. 24/7.

Visitors guess your business from your website

Beat your competition online? Yes!

People compare prices quality and services with Google and Yahoo in a second.

You must not have the very best price. But you need to score with the best package, quality, service and with confidence in your business! In a second.

Your website needs to translate all of this in a second.

Does it? Get free consulting now!

Makeshift web design ? Good luck!

1. Who is your designer?
A professional who knows how to translate confidence, trust, service and quality into your web design?
2. Who is your programmer?
A professional who translates the professional design into a crisp look and modern functionality?
3. Can you update your website easily?
No? What do you do when you need an update?
4. Who translates your business into the web?
A web savvy marketing pro who knows all the tricks?
5. Who takes care that YOUR website is found?
Do clients always find your website over those of your competition?
6. How many people visit your website?
Thousands every month? You don’t know?
Get free consulting now to learn more!

Websites for under $900? WOW!

Do you have the best prices in town? Do you want to announce that on your website? Is your website showing up on Google on the first page? Great. You made it. Your website was more than just a few hundred bucks. Right?

You don’t have the best prices? But your business is specific? How do you translate this into a website? Take a template not even made for your industry? A template which would hurt your position in Google?

Some “web designers” use a 40 dollar template, change the color, place your images and text. All in 30 minutes. They call it “custom” and charge you $99 bucks for it. This is almost $100/per hour without any professional skills. Is it this what you want?

Get free consulting from professionals NOW.

Experienced professionals only.

We know what we do. We are professionals in graphic design, marketing and in computer science. We all work hand in hand.
We all know that a good website will cost as much as a very good brochure or a catalogue.
We know that your investment into a professional website has consequences for your business. In every way.

Your website. Ardis takes care.

After listening to you, we analyze your industry.
We take our time to get ideas and present you a plan and design drafts.
We use newest technology to build you a modern website that you can use for years.
If you wish you can update the website by yourself.
We make you a search engine optimization plan that you can do by yourself or we hire professionals.
We’re on your side when your website hits the Internet.

Free Consultation NOW.

Take the first step and learn about your web opportunities.

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Website and more...

Free: Initial detailed consultation with one of our web experts. Learn about what a professional website can do for you and what it will cost you.
Free planner: Get your website NOW by author Peter Einheuser (save $25.00).

When you design a website with Ardis you also get:

Analysis of your online market: free (value of $900.00).
Architecture of your website with one review: free (value of $500.00).
Two extra design drafts with one review: free (value of $800).
One domain name and hosting for one year: free (value of $350).
Email and Server setup: free (value of $150).

This is total initial savings of $2,590. Get your free consulting and web planner book now.