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Ardis excels in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

You want someone who is looking for your product to find YOU and not your competitor.
Type in the keywords for your products. Hit the Enter button. Where are you?
Not on page one? This is not enough. It may hurt you.
There are over 3 billion Google searches per day. Now add in Yahoo, MSN, and all the others.
Ardis excels in (SEO) Search Engine Optimization by adjusting copy text, links, images, and by genrating links and traffic.
So when people look. YOU are found.

They should find
you. Not your competitor.

We optimize your website for search engines (FREE for clients)

We analyze your goals and web environment and create a strategy.

We generate traffic setting up Blogs, Newsletters and Forums.

We generate Links to your website using different strategies.
We create Pay-per-Click campaigns to generate instant profit.